Wines & Snacks

The streets of Bairro Alto already have got used to receive the friends of the Alfaia seeking the pleasure of the authentic flavours of Portugal and the warmth of friendship.

At the Wine Cellar/“Garrafeira” Alfaia the kings of the house are the 100% portuguese wines and snacks that you can savour quietly or socializing on site, and buy and take them with you to repeat the pleasure of enjoying your favorite products.


To publicize, portuguese products of excellent quality!
We offer you several options to savor, drinking a glass with prices between € 3.5 and € 25 in wines of various regions of the country, but also in national Port wine, Madeira wine, Muscatel, Brandies and Liquors.

The wine menu list is almost as varied as the impressive range of portuguese wines.

In the Wine Cellar/“Garrafeira” you will find the usual classical references, which are guarantee of exceptional experiences, but also the most interesting news and new scents to fall in love again.

In snacks, always portuguese, bread is the perfect base for more intense combinations of the typical flavors of the national cuisine.

The most natural is that you’ll let yourself “melt” by the creamy cheeses and regional smoked sausages and smoked hams that you have all the richness of traditional flavors.

But the delights do not end here little plates of snacks made by our Chef with 100% national ingredients such as “Morcela” / black pudding rice with cumins, the “Farinheira” typical portuguese sausage with scrambled eggs or the secrets of pork in olive oil, which will leave you the best gastronomic memories of the Wine Cellar / “Garrafeira” Alfaia.


Our closeness and sharing with Alfaia Restaurant is the guarantee of variety and quality that allows us to continuously renew the snack menu with new proposals!

Some of the snacks that we propose you for experiences of intense flavours:

  • Codfish cakes
  • Meat croquettes
  • Wine sausage
  • Octopus in olive oil
  • Duck w / mushrooms in puff pastry
  • Duck grilled steak w / potato sauté
  • Smoked ham Pata Negra from Barrancos
  • Game and poultry sausage from Mirandela w/ sautéed turnip tops
  • “Morcela” / black pudding rice from Trancoso
  • “Farinheira” typical portuguese sausage with scrambled eggs
  • Secrets of pork in olive oil
  • Fried prawns w / garlic
  • Codfish at Bráz way
  • Miscellaneous salads
  • Cheese from Nisa
  • Buttery Sheep Cheese
  • Serra da Estrela cheese PDO
  • Serpa cheese PDO
  • Castelo Branco cheese PDO

If you like discovering new flavors we are always available to make recommendations that always try to meet your tastes, making ‘happy marriages’ between wine and snacks

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